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Our intention is to provide relief without drugs or long term therapy

The ZPoint Mirror Technique Program

The ZPoint Mirror Technique is a simple yet effective way to dramatically improve your sense of self esteem and self worth. Feeling good about yourself is actually not dependent on how you actually look on the outside, but how you 'feel' about yourself from the inside out.

During both recorded 'Mirror Classes' you will be directed to look into a mirror to evoke how you normally feel about yourself when you see your image in a mirror. After evoking those 'not good' feelings, each recording will guide you through the ZPoint Process to release your attachment to that feeling of 'not good' and the less than loving thoughts those feelings evoke.

In addition to the two recent Mirror Technique class recordings, we also include special Coupon Codes that allow FREE access to 4 additional ZPoint Programs dealing with:

  1. Eliminating Anger Program
  2. Eliminating Guilt Program
  3. Eliminating Shame Program
  4. Eliminating Fear Program

(For more information on each of these bonus programs, click on each link above. Each will open in a new window)

The purpose of these additional programs is to release attachment to specific feelings of Anger, Guilt, Shame or Fear as they 'show up' in your mirror. The cost of these 4 additional Bonus Programs is $188.00 if purchased separately.

Expected outcomes include:

  • feeling better and better about your physical body, no matter how it looks or feels right now
  • a marked improvement in self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-love
  • a quieter mind with far less of the ususal 'chatter'
  • releasing life long anger, guilt, shame and fear
  • deep physical relaxation with feelings of deep peace and centeredness
  • enhanced ability to actually enjoy all aspects of your life

The cost of both Mirror Classes along with all four Eliminating Anger, Guilt, Shame and Fear Programs is normally well over $200.00. To make this an unbeatable value we include all of the above for ONLY $97.00.

Recordings of both Mirror Classes will be sent to you immediately along with a special Coupon Code that will give Immediate Access to the four additional programs listed above. To register, just click the Add to Cart button below

Hi Grant, many thanks for the z-point protocol. I have some z-point products from a few years back and used the process effectively then. Your you tube video left me very very relaxed and I definitely noticed a difference with the feeling I was working on. I had forgotten just how effective the process is and how very simple too. What I noticed immediately was that I couldn't access anything to do with the original problem in terms of thoughts or feelings. It was as if I had forgotten why I was doing it in the first place. However some thoughts did return over time and I repeated the process. Now I am noticing feelings of gratitude and peacefulness in that area of my life and I will be doing some more zpoint from now on.

So thank you once again for your generous support and bringing zpoint into being. It really does make a big difference!


"Not only does Grant have such a wonderful energy about him, but he has also created this amazing energy healing technique that can be used by anyone. It's simple yet profoundly effective - on anything from the most intense uncomfortable feelings to the normal day-to-day stresses we all experience. ZPoint for Peace can so easily be incorporated into any daily or weekly routine, and can create wonderful positive change for anyone. I highly recommend Grant's programs, recordings and services and can't say enough about them."

- Cora Rennie